Carolina Titans 2020 Team Preview

May 14, 2018 Off By Can Capell
Carolina Titans 2020 Team Preview

–Top Position Players:

Tanner Simpson SS great range/ good mechanics, decent arm strength, baseball smart, competitor above avg speed. decent bat

Chase Williford catcher quick behind the plate, above avg pop time, good speed for catcher, decent bat with power

Carlin Walden center field tracks ball well, good arm, above avg speed, quick hands at the plate, great base runner

–Top Pitchers:

Tanner Simpson low 80's fastball throws 4 pitches all for strikes great competitor good repeatable mechanics,

Aidan Gay upper 70's fastball good slider locates wel, good mechanicsl 2021 grad

Daniel Padilla upper 70's fastball really good curve ball repeatable delivery

–Top uncommitted:

— Committed Players:

— Expectations:

I expect team to be very competitive and compete in all tourneys entered. Have very strong pitching staff. Look forward to season starting.