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Coaches Corner: Tim Lowery, Cosby High School

Coaches Corner: Tim Lowery, Cosby High School

125px-W261-TITAN-2In today's Dynamic Baseball Coaches Corner we catch up with one the greatest high school coaches in Virginia history, coach Tim Lowery of Cosby High School. Coach Lowery looks to lead a younger Titans squad in 2016 behind the arm of Joe Hunt. Please enjoy todays Coaches Corner with coach Lowery. 

Name: Tim Lowery
High School: Cosby High School
City/State: Midlothian, Virginia
Classification: (example AAA) 6A
District/Conference: Conference 3
School Mascot: Titans

How many years have you been coaching, and what got you into coaching?

This is my 30th year as a Head Coach. This is my 34th year in education. I Coached JV Baseball to start my career.

What would you say the most rewarding thing about being a baseball coach is?

I like preparing for games and watching players compete. I think the most rewarding part is seeing the players succeed in games and practices. (When it all clicks for players)

How do you balance the time demands of coaching, and being with your family?

This is by far the toughest part of Coaching.(For Me) I am fortune enough to have two sons playing Professional Baseball at this point. Jake is in the Cleveland Indians organization and Luke is in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. It was much easier to see them in College on weekends to play. It is much tougher to see them now, because they have been in different parts of the country. It is so nice to have the internet and you can watch or listen to the games. My wife is a very special person! I am lucky she enjoys the games. She is in attendance most of the time. We certainly try to have a date night a least once a month.

Who is the best player you have ever coached, and who is the best player you have ever coached against and why?

I have several players that fit in those categories. My own two Sons were outstanding players. Jake & Luke Lowery played at Cosby. Herman Demmink was another athlete that went on to play at Clemson. Ronnie Shaban is another product of Cosby. He is a pitcher in the St. Louis organization. Hunter Williams is at UNC and was a good player for Cosby. I have been very fortune to have some outstanding players in my coaching career. All of the players were outstanding and garnished many awards including All State and National Awards. These are just a few standouts!

What does the term being a good teammate mean to you, and why is it important?

* Working hard to improve every day

* Have a plan every day to get better

*Working to help teammates get better

*Having positive energy everyday

*Good Big body language

What kind of team do you think you will have this year?

I think we will have a team that will bring competition to every practice and game. I am looking for Joe Hunt to lead our pitching staff. Luke Paczewski should anchor down the third base slot. The competition in the outfield should be a good battle with Brandon Miltenberger, Bryce Fitzgerald, Trey Vossler, and Joe Hunt to name a few. I will be looking for Michael Johnson and Ethan Williams to anchor the catching position.

Review your conference for us. Who will be your toughest opponent in your conference this season?

I think our conference will be good. We have James River, Thomas Dale, Franklin County, and new comers Clover Hill and Manchester. These are all outstanding programs with rich tradition.

What are some big match ups on your schedule that stand out to you and why?

We play all the above teams and each of those games will be a battle. We are playing in a tournament at Riverbend over Spring Break. This should be an interesting.

What are your goals for you team this season?

Each year our Goal is to win the Conference and advance to post season play.

If you had a day away from the baseball field what would you spend it doing?

I really think it would be spending the day with my wife and maybe seeing one of our sons playing.

Give us a little preseason prediction. Who is going to win the College World Series this year, and who is your preseason pick to win the MLB World Series and why on both accounts?

I personally think on paper that Florida is the team to beat. With that being said, there are always surprises at the end of College Baseball.