Dynamic Baseball Player Profiles

The Premium Player (monthly and yearly) and Free player profile packages detailed below are designed for players. In order for your profile to appear on your team's roster within Dynamic Baseball's tournament listings, you must complete, at minimum, the Free profile. If you are not a player, but wish to access Dynamic Baseball's Premium Content please see the Premium Membership registration located at this link. Contact [email protected] with any technical issues.

Subscription Cost$9.99/Mo$99/Year (Save $20)FREE
Player ProfileFullFullBasic
Premium ContentFull AccessFull AccessNo Access
Video Highlights3 Video Uploads3 Video UploadsNone
College coach access to your complete profileYesYesNo
Featured AthleteEligibleEligibleNot Eligible
Scouting NotesEligibleEligibleNot Eligible
Athletic StatsYesYesNo
Academic StatsYesYesNo

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