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Parking at NCSU

Your event permit is up on our website and spaces are on hold for your event. 
Please send the below instructions to your guest:
How To Obtain Your VIRTUAL Event Permit
  1. Visit Go.ncsu.edu/EventParking
  2. Select “Purchase Event Permit” 
  3. Agree to the Terms of Service
  4. Select “Summer Camps”
  5. Select “Baseball Tournament”
  6. When prompted enter PlayBall19 as the Event Voucher Code. The code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown. Click Confirm.
  7. Select Permit Type
  8. Select/Confirm your parking dates. Click Confirm.
  9. Select Location
  10. Click “Add Vehicle. Enter vehicle license plate, state, year and make. Click Add.
  11. Review information entered for accuracy and click continue.
  12. Enter email address to receive, confirmation of parking permit. Click Checkout. Remember, the permit is virtual, your license plate is your permit. Permit is valid only for the vehicle entered. Permit is not valid in paid parking locations.