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Prospect Focus: Andrew Abbott, Halifax County High School

Prospect Focus: Andrew Abbott, Halifax County High School


Name: Andrew Abbott
High School: Halifax County High School
School Mascot: Comets
District/Conference: Piedmont / Conference 16
Division/Class: 5A
Class: 2017
Position: LHP / OF
Height/Weight:  6’ / 155
College Commit: University of Virginia
Travel Team: Evoshield Canes National 17U

Please list events you have participated in Showcases, Big Tournaments, Big Games:

Fort Meyers Underclass Tournament; Jupiter (WWBA World Championships); Georgia (PG WWBA); Diamond Nation Super 17 (New Jeresy); and numerous Dynamic Showcase tournaments

What is the biggest stage you have ever played on, and why do you feel it was the biggest?

The biggest stage I played on was a game against the Houston Heat in Fort Myers during the Underclass World Championships. It was the biggest because if we won, we were moving on, but if we lost, we went home. Also during my 8th grade Middle School year, pitching against Powhatan to win the District championship.

You have made your college choice; why did you make that choice. What were some of the key factors?

It was my dream school, it’s a great program with great coaches, and they were the reigning NCAA Division I champions. Some of the key factors are seen above, and also it is close to home.

If you had to have one hitter up to bat with the winning run on 3rd in the bottom of the 7th, who would it be?

I would say Buddy Kennedy because he is the definition of clutch. He’s the guy who will win the game, no matter what!

As a pitcher, what do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are? What is your go to pitch?

My strengths are location, movement, and mechanics. My weaknesses are velocity and weight. My go to pitch is my curveball because I can control on matter the situation

Who has made the biggest impact on your baseball career to date, and why?

Jeff Stevens and Billy Wagner have had the biggest impact on my baseball career because they both have worked on my mechanics, pitch ability, and the mental aspect of baseball.

How is your high school season going so far?

It is about to begin.

What kind of a team do you think your High School Team will be this spring? How far do you think you can go and why?

My high school team will be young, but a well rounded team. We will make it to Regional play because we will band and play all as one.

Who is the best player, skill wise, you have ever played with to datea?

Joe Rizzo is the best player I’ve ever played with to date. His attitude and determination are one of a kind and he never gives up.

What did you focus on the most on this offseason?

I’ve been weight lifting, swimming, running, and working on mechanics.

If you had a day away from the baseball field what would you go do for fun?

I would go fishing, or I would walk around my farm.

Who is your pick to win Omaha this year?

My pick to win the CWS is the Virginia Cavaliers. This team can overcome adversity and use their skills to win the championship again.

What are you looking forward to most this year in the upcoming school/travel seasons and why?

I’m looking forward to competing everyday to make myself develop into a great baseball player. I want to excel in the sport, excel in college, and I eventually want to play Professional baseball.