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Prospect Focus: Michael Johnson, Cosby High School

Prospect Focus: Michael Johnson, Cosby High School

MichaelJohnson2Today's second Prospect Focus takes us to Cosby High School to chat with 2017 catcher Michael Johnson. Johnson is a big framed catcher who is sound behind the dish. As a hitter he can drive the baseball to all parts of the field. Please enjoy today's second Prospect Focus with Michael Johnson

Name: Michael Johnson
High School: Cosby
School Mascot: Titans
District/Conference: Conference 12
Division/Class: (example: AAA) 6A
Class: 2017
Position: C
Height/Weight: 215, 6’2
College Commit: None
Travel Team: Virginia Cardinals

Please list events you have participated in Showcases, Big Tournaments, Big Games:

Prep Baseball Top Prospect Games

All Star Baseball Academy Virginia Camp

Perfect Game WWBA

American legion All Star Game

Cosby vs Western Branch Regional Semifinals

What is the biggest stage you have ever played on, and why do you feel it was the biggest?

When I started the District Championship game for American Legion Post 137, I would say this was the biggest stage I ever played on because most of the guys I was playing with/against were either already playing college baseball or on their way to play college baseball. There was a large crowd and the game decided who went to the state championships.

In making your college decision what are going to be the 5 biggest factors and why? What schools are you considering right now?

The five biggest factors that will affect my college decision will be:

  • The education opportunities that the school could offer me.
  • The teachers and students at the school and how I would be able to interact with them.
  • The campus and facilities offered to me.
  • The baseball program and coaches.
  • The amount of playing time I would get and how I would be able to help the team win.

The schools I am considering right now are:

JMU, Geroge Mason, Wofford, Bradley, UNCW, Stony Brook, Winthrop, Lipscomb, Presbyterian, Pepperdine, Elon, Cincinnati, Appalachian state, Tampa, Mount Olive, Flagler, Emory, and Mount Saint Mary’s.

If you were calling the shots and you had to win a big game who would get the ball on the mound, and why?

Defiantly Zach Mort, he is the most consistent and accurate pitcher I have ever caught and can get out of almost every jam he is in. He has control over all of his pitches and is just a good pitcher.

Who has made the biggest impact on your baseball career to date, and why?

My great Grandfather and grandfather, because both of them always came to see me play whenever they could and always cheered me on whenever they could. My grandfather played professional baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals so he taught me a lot of the stuff I know today. I have also had many great coaches that I have been able to work with like Jake and Luke Lowery as well as my high school and travel coaches.

What kind of a team do you think your High School Team will be this spring? How far do you think you can go, and why?

I think we will be very competitive with any team that we play and I believe we could go as far as we want to. We have the players to be very good we just have to come together and really play together.

Who is the best player you have ever played with to date?

I don’t think have played with anyone that is better than everyone else but I have played with many really good players like Matt pita, Jake Huggins, Zach Mort, Austin rash, Logan Barker, and Joe Hunt.

What kind of things have you done this off season to prepare for this upcoming season Spring/Summer/Fall? What are some of your weaknesses, and strengths you have worked on and how?

Some things that I have done are that I do weight training regimen designed specifically for baseball and catching 3-4 times a week. I work on hitting and catching every day at my travel teams indoor facility. I do speed/agility work 3-4 times a week with my coach to get faster and work on my footwork skills. I have also had the opportunity to catch many collegiate pitchers from programs such as UVA, VMI, and George Mason. Some of my weaknesses that I’ve been working on is better hip flexibility, getting my exchange on throw downs out in front of my body, and creating a more linear swing path through the hitting zone. I have done this by working on these things every day and I am hoping all my hard work will show during the season.

What are you looking forward to most this year in the upcoming school/travel seasons and why?

I am looking forward to seeing my teammates every day and hopefully winning a state championship! For this summer I can’t wait to travel to different schools and having the opportunity to play in front of many coaches on really nice college fields.

If you had a day away from the baseball field what would you go do for fun?

I would either go fishing or just hang out with my friends and play some basketball.

Who is your pick to win the CWS this year? Why do you think this team can run the tables in Omaha?

I think Clemson will have a really good shot because they have a lot of strong returning players that can really play well together as a team.