Summer 2016 Tournaments

Sign-ups for the 2016 Dynamic Baseball Tournaments are now available. Sign-up for your spot today in the top showcase tournaments on the East Coast!

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** All teams must book their hotel through Group to be accepted into the tournament. Hotel reservations are quick and easy with Group Housing. You will find their website very informative as well as a nice range of accommodations to choose from. Grouphousing has secured hotels and has the lowest group rate guaranteed. **

EMAIL MIKE PETTY AT [email protected] !

Click on the date or location to see additional venues for each event.
April 16-17USA Baseball ComplexDynamic 14/13U Spring Championships2020/14UMetal$650LINK
MAY 14-15Virginia Sports ComplexDynamic 14/13u World Series2020/14UMetal$675LINK
MAY 28-29Virginia Sports ComplexDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019Metal$885LINK
JUNE 3-5Jamea Madison UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradMetal$885LINK
JUNE 3-5Winthrop UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 3-5Delmarva Shorebirds StadiumDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$925LINK
JUNE 10-12Clemson UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 10-12Clemson University14u Clemson Cup*2020/14UMetal$800LINK
JUNE 10-12Virginia TechDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 10-12East Carolina UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 16-19University of MarylandDynamic Mid-Summer 17u – 16u Championships2017-2019 GradWood$975LINK
JUNE 16-19University of South CarolinaDynamic 17u – 16u – 15u South Mid Summer Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 17-19University of Maryland14u Dynamic Mid-Summer Championships*2020/14UMetal$850LINK
JUNE 17-19Virginia Military InstituteDymanic Team Tournament2017-2019 GradMetal$875LINK
JUNE 24-26NC State14u Dynamic Central Championships*2020/14UMetal$800LINK
JUNE 24-26University of Virginia14u Dynamic Cavalier Cup*2020/14UMetal$850LINK
JUNE 24-26NC StateDyanmic 17u – 16u – 15u – Central Mid Summer Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 23-26Charleston Dynamic Coastal 15-17u – Championships2017 Grad & UnderWood$885LINK
JUNE 23-26University of RichmondDynamic Bic 17u – 16u – 15u National Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JUNE 23-26University of VirginiaDynamic Cavalier Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$925LINK
JULY 1-3Delmarva Shorebirds Stadium14u Shorebirds Championship*2020/14UMetal$850LINK
JULY 1-3High Point UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 1-3University of VirginiaDynamic Uva Elite 10 Championships (Invite Only)2018 Grad & UnderWood$975LINK
JULY 1-3Delmarva Shorebirds StadiumDynamic 18u – 16u – Delmarva Metal Bat Championships2016 – 2019 GradWood$925LINK
JULY 8-10Liberty UniversityDynamic Liberty Cup Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 8-10Campbell UniversityDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 15-17Virginia Sports ComplexDynamic Bic 14u National Championships2020/14UWood$725LINK
JULY 15-17William & Mary9th Annual Dynamic Championship At The Beach 17u – 16u – 15u2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 15-17Western Carolina UniversityDynamic Western Carolina Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885
JULY 15-17UNC PembrokeDynamic Team Showcase2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 19-21MSI ComplexDynamic Evoshield National Invite Hosted By Maplezone Sports Institute2017-2019 GradWood$950LINK
JULY 21-24Coastal Carolina UniversityDynamic Coastal 16u – 15u – Championships2018-2019 GradWood$885
JULY 21-24East Carolina University9th Annual Dynamic World Series2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
JULY 28-31University of North Carolina14u Dynamic World Championships*2020/14UMetal$800LINK
JULY 28-31University of Maryland14u Dynamic End Of Summer Championship*2020/14UMetal$850LINK
JULY 28-31University of North CarolinaDynamic World Championships2017-2019 GradWood$975LINK
JULY 28-31University of MarylandDynamic Mid-Atlantic End Of Summer Championships2017-2019 GradWood$975LINK
AUGUST 5-7Virginia Sports ComplexDynamic – Bic End Of Summer Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
AUGUST 5-7University of CincinnatiDynamic Mid-West Summer Championships 17u – 16u – 15u2017-2019 GradWood$885LINK
AUGUST 5-7Coastal Carolins UniversityDynamic Coastal End Of Summer Championships2017-2019 GradWood$885
AUGUST 5-7University of Maryland Eastern ShoreDynamic Delmarva End Of Summer Championships2017 – 2020 GradWood$925LINK