2024 Dynamic Tournament Rules

General Information:
Updated standings and scores will be posted on dynamicbaseball.org

Registration Policy:

Dynamic Baseball guarantees 1 game scheduled at the main venues listed on website. 

In the event that a team has to drop from an event 7 days prior to event starting Dynamic Baseball will not be able to issue a credit or refund

Teams that request refund after payment will receive 75% of their fee back.

In the case of weather Dynamic Baseball will not be able to issue a credit or refund if there is 1 game played in that event

If you drop out due to COVID after the schedule  is released there will be no refund or credit given.

14U teams will be required to play into 15U/14U Division 


14U – Players must be 15U – Players must be 16U – Players must be 17U – Players must be 18U – Players must be

weather delays and other important tournament information will also be posted on the tournament page.
Please arrive at least one hour before scheduled game time, games will start early when possible

Flip for home team during pool play. Higher seed is home team in playoffs. There will be tournament passes sold. Every team will go thru venues that sell tournament passes. It may be your 1st or last game. Please check your event page at Dynamic Baseball for details. We will not tolerate harassment of our staff. Starting in 2023 Dynamic Baseball will no longer be accepting cash at the gate. All gate pass will be purchased with credit card through Square.
No player can play for more than one team within the same age division. If this happens, team will forfeit all games.

Team Rosters must be submitted into PlayBook 365 prior to the tournament.

Each Team will provide NFHS quality baseball evenly throughout each game. Until Further notice Baseball will come directly from the dugout. UMPIRES WILL NOT HOLD BASEBALLS.



Championship style tournaments: Wood Bats

Showcase style tournaments: Metal or Wood Bats


All events are metal bats

Time Limits:
Pool Play – no new inning after 1 hour and 50 minutes, NO extra innings (games can end in a tie) Consolation – no new inning after 1 hour and 50 minutes, NO extra innings (games can end in a tie) Playoffs – no new inning after 2 hours, no extra innings (if tied after 7 innings – bases loaded, 1 out tiebreaker)
Championship – no time limit, no inning restrictions

Suspended games – We will attempt to complete all suspended games. In the event the game can't be continued, Dynamic Baseball can declare a winner even if the game has not gone 4.5 or 5 innings. Decisions will be made fairly based on the best interest of the tournament and its participating teams.

Mercy Rules :
12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

NFHS rules except:

  • Teams can hit up to 11 (EH and XH). The EH and XH are like positions in the field. DH can be used and you must follow rules with DH as outlined by NFHS.
  • Courtesy Runners can be used for the pitcher and catcher – only a player that is NOT in the game can be a courtesy runner. If a team does not have an available substitute, the last out can be used as a courtesy runner.
  • Tie Breakers:
    1) Head to head 2) Runs Allowed 3) Runs Scored 4) Fewest Runs Allowed in 1st game 5) Coin FlipPlayoffs/Seeding: Please refer to events.dyanamicbaseball.org to view your tournaments bracket.
    Game Guarantee Tournaments:
    Each team will play two pool games. Teams advancing to bracket play will be based on overall record, head to head (if applicable), runs allowed, runs scored, and run differential (in this order). Teams that did not qualify for the championship bracket will be scheduled for a consolation game on Sunday. The number of teams advancing is determined by the total teams participating. Check the tournament bracket for details.

Seeding is based solely on overall record, head to head (if applicable), runs allowed and runs scored. Winning your pool does not give any sort of seeding priority. A second-place team from a pool of six can be seeded higher than a pool winner from a pool of five or four.

Depending on the format – a wildcard team could advance to the playoffs. Wildcard team(s) could come from any pool. Will be chosen by best overall record, head to head, runs allowed and runs scored.